A Scientific Approach to IT performance

The software industry has spent years debating how to measure performance and productivity in the context of software product development. We've researched and validated a measure of IT performance that predicts organizational performance, and we know the factors that influence it. Our results show that firms with high-performing IT organizations are twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share and productivity goals, and that high performers achieved higher levels of both throughput and stability. Now we want to help you achieve these breakthrough results.

Our Publications

2018 State of DevOps Report

In 2018, we examine the impact that cloud adoption, use of open source software, organizational practices (including outsourcing), and culture all have on software delivery performance, and expand our model of software delivery performance to include availability.

Cloud Infrastructure in the Federal Government

This whitepaper, co-produced with Nava, discusses how to apply modern DevOps and cloud native principles and practices in the highly regulated context of the US Federal Government.

2017 State of DevOps Report

The 2017 report extends our model of organizational performance to cover non-profits and the impact of IT performance on business outcomes. We investigated the impact of transformational leadership on DevOps practices and outcomes, and how to enable continuous delivery through effective architectural practices.

DevOps ROI Whitepaper

Our whitepaper will help you make a strong business case for undertaking a technology transformation by quantifying the costs and returns possible, using your own numbers and the industry benchmarks provided.

2016 State of DevOps Report

In 2016 we investigated the impact of DevOps on security outcomes, whether lean product management can increase IT and organizational outcomes, and how practices such as continuous delivery can reduce rates of rework and change culture. We also examined the ROI of DevOps, providing formulas to help leaders quantify the cost savings DevOps can create.

2015 State of DevOps Report

This report extends the 2014 study, again linking IT and organizational performance. We also identify key aspects of continuous delivery and lean management practices, and find that they make work better and make work feel better, by improving culture, decreasing burnout, and decreasing deploy pain.

2014 State of DevOps Report

This report is among the first linking IT performance to organizational performance. We define IT performance as three measures: throughput (lead time and deploy frequency) and stability (mean time to restore). The data shows that technology, process, and culture are all necessary pieces of a DevOps transformation.

Research Projects

A driving force behind some of the technology industry’s leading research and writing about continuous delivery, security, communication, and culture in IT and organizational performance, DORA is at the leading edge of understanding what drives change and is leading the conversation. Our goal is to deliver research projects that help teams and companies understand how to drive throughput and stability in their technology products, and productivity, profitability, and market share in their companies. We are actively pursuing exciting projects in areas that contribute to these goals.

We accept a limited number of engagements, customized to the needs of our partners. Some examples include:

Analysis Reports

Private or public reports, with insights from both the data analysis and our industry experience. Project includes analysis of existing industry data to provide insights into trends occuring within particular industry verticals or customer segments.

Research & Benchmark Reports

Research and industry benchmark reports, which investigate and analyze major drivers of industry trends and outcomes. Far more than a typical vendor report, project includes delivery of a rigorously researched report, including research design, pilot testing, data collection and analysis, report writing, and design. Project can include integration of external data (e.g., your own data). Examples include the 2014, 2015, and 2016 State of DevOps Reports. (Note that 2014 and 2015 were branded under IT Revolution Press.)

Report Validation

Validation of reports and report findings. Similar to an audit, project includes verification of your report’s data analysis methodology, results, and write-up. If requested, the team will also offer edits to the final report.

Our Research Program

Watch a 30m summary of our research program, presented by Nicole and Jez at the 2016 RSA Conference.

Peer-reviewed published papers